Cold Mountain Zen

Cold Mountain Zen is a meditation sangha dedicated to the practice of Rinzai Zen in New Jersey. The Rinzai lineage dates back to 9th century China and continues under the direction of Kankan Roshi Kurt Spellmeyer through Cold Mountain Zen's weekly group practice, monthly half-day sits, and several week-long retreats (sesshin) each year.

Weekend Zazen

Cold Mountain Zen offers sits at various locations on the weekends. A full half-day of meditation is held at Rutgers several times a month, and morning and evening sits take place at other locations in New Jersey. Please note contact information and directions for each site.

Sesshin Schedule

Sesshins are 1-7 day meditation retreats that are considered to be the heart of Zen practice. Cold Mountain Zen holds sesshin four to five times a year at the Murray Grove Retreat & Conference Center in Lanoka Harbor, NJ