Cold Mountain Zen


What Cold Mountain Zen Does

Cold Mountain Zen, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit with the mission to provide for the preservation and transmission of the teaching and practice of Rinzai Zen Buddhism in New Jersey. Cold Mountain Zen is reliant upon volunteer efforts and financial contributions to achieve the following goals:
• Establish a residential center in New Jersey in which the ongoing training and practice of Zen meditation—the foundation of Zen—is offered
• Provide Zen meditation open to the public in multiple locations
• Offer regularly scheduled meditation retreats (sesshin), which include talks on Zen practice and private interviews with the teacher
• Promote lay practice—offering dharma teachings to the wider community—and provide for priest training
• Engage in outreach to the public, vulnerable populations, and interfaith communities
• Model and teach practices of healthy and sustainable living
• Contribute to the growth of knowledge in the areas of Zen, Buddhism, meditation, and related arts of living
• Disseminate through publication and other means information about Zen tradition, Buddhism, and meditation.

How You Can Help

All of Cold Mountain Zen’s programs are open to the public. To encourage participation, only nominal fees or donations are collected to cover the cost of expenses. By making a tax-deductible donation today, you can help to make sitting possible for all members of our growing community. Your support will defray the costs of rent for our practice venues and sesshin locations, create a scholarship fund to subsidize sesshin for those who need support, and provide supplies for each sit, including incense, tea and replacing worn out zafu or zabuton.

To make a contribution to Cold Mountain Zen, click here to use the online Paypal form. Or you may mail a check made payable to “Cold Mountain Zen” to:
Cold Mountain Zen, Inc.
Box 101
Kingston, NJ 08528